RV Extended Warranty Claim

RV Insurance Claim

Double Check Your Extended Warranty Coverage

When you understand that all’s not great with your RV, look out your maintenance agreement inclusion list and analyze them. Check and ensure that the defective part isn’t referenced in the rundown of rejected things inside your inclusion plan. In case you have lost your copy, reach out to the RV extended warranty company and get a copy. Highlight your coverage and fill up the necessary form for your coverage.

Go to a Certified Repair Shop

Once you have filled up the form, you can submit it to the company.  The company will provide you with more data and other pertinent documents before you can go to the accredited auto repair shops. Conversely, auto repair shops will require further documents to ensure you still have warranty. So let them in on you will require this data in advance.

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Let a Certified RV Technician Diagnose Your Issue

Whenever you get your RV to the mechanics shop, request for an accredited technician to look at your vehicle. You must inform the shop in advance that you’re going there to claim your warranty benefits. Have every part of your vehicle that is covered under the warranty to be checked. At the end of the maintenance or repair, the mechanic or auto-technician will issue a receipt on your behalf to the warranty company.

Sit tight for a Pre-approval Number

As referenced, your RV expert can’t start fixing your RV until your service contract supplier supports the case. Getting a pre-approval number is likened to getting an authority endorsement to start the maintenance work covered by the sporting vehicle guarantee. Your confirmed RV specialist can start work on your RV when they have it. This number will help you, the specialist, and the guarantee organization track the entirety of the work and expenses related with the case.

Document the Final Paperwork and Get the Invoice

Assuming you can’t utilize your RV during the fixes and you need to leave it 100 miles from home because of RV breakdown, your service contract might also cover for your lodging and food. Other additional items might incorporate things like vehicle rentals and towing costs. While purchasing your inclusion, ensure that these advantages are plainly referenced in your RV extended warranty plan.