What is a Fifth Wheel?

Have you ever wondered what a fifth wheel is? It’s something other than your single friend who keeps tagging you along with their double dates. Well, in the world of campers, it refers to a type of campervan that gives you the same benefit of a larger model, except that it feels more like a full-blown house. A very iconic difference is that, it is towed along with your main vehicle. This is why it’s called a fifth wheel.

All About a Fifth Wheel

Things being what they are, a fifth wheel includes another wheel, yet perhaps not in the sort that you’re thinking.

Basically, a fifth wheel is a hitch that permits the driver to associate a freight connection to the rear of a huge vehicle, similar to a farm hauler or truck.

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In the event that you’ve seen a vehicle on the expressway, that is a perfect representation of the fifth wheel plan. Today, the fifth wheel alludes to the “U” molded coupling part viewed as on the rear of the towing vehicle, be it an enormous vehicle, pickup truck, or semi-truck.

Fifth Wheel Origin

The fifth wheel got its name from its unique plan. They were at first imagined for horse-attracted carriages the mid-1850s. Producers (who at the time fabricated the parts the hard way) put a flat wheel on the freight casing or “truck” that permitted the front hub to turn all alone. This did some incredible things for security and mobility.

RV Extended Warranty for Fifth Wheels

We offer extended warranty for avid RVers who use fifth wheels. You can either rent a fifth wheel or buy it and have it covered by us. You will never know whether your RV might breakdown while you are driving in the middle of nowhere. A major advantage of having an extended warranty for your fifth is the opportunity to get in touch with service repair facilities the moment you suffer mechanical troubles. 

Once a repair plan has been submitted an estimated cost will be given to the administrator for pre-authorization and then you can have your repair then and there.