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Still wondering whether you get an RV extended warranty or not?  Typically, some RVers are hesitant about getting an extended warranty coverage because of the cost involved. However, this coverage has already been proven beneficial during mechanical breakdown.

Imagine this, you’re driving down the road looking for a beautiful spot to camp. Suddenly your car stops and won’t start again. Unfortunately, you’re on the countryside and there aren’t a lot of vehicles and other RVers who can help you.
With extended warranty, you can simply call customer service and rescue will be there for you – free of cost! Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about having a coverage.

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What is an RV Extended Warranty?

A RV extended warranty is a service contract from car dealership or manufacturer stating that you purchased a service contract from, will pay for certain fixes to your vehicle.

Some repairs? Yes, extended warranty can cover cost for repairs due to mechanical breakdowns. However, they don’t cover damges caused by vehicular accidents, third-party liabilities, hospitalization, or medical bills. Extended warranties are only limited to mechanical damages.

How Long Does a Car Warranty Last?

It depends on the mileage and your car dealership. Generally, our RV extended warranty can last from 5 years to 7 years.  You have to contact or call representative so we know the important elements about your car.

How much does a new car warranty cost?

We offer comprehensive coverage for your RV at a fraction of a cost that you get from other car dealerships. While we regret to say that it doesn’t come for free, we can ensure that your investment will be totally worth it. ​

Can I Get an Extended Warranty for my Big Trailer Van?

​Yes. Extended warranty for bigger rigs might be a bit more expensive than regular sized RVs because of the repair needed to be done.  On the onset, we will assess your vehicle so you can get the most of our service contracts

What if I run out of fuel, will an extended warranty help me get hold of fuel?

Yes. Fortunately, our extended warranty plans can include fuel delivery. We understand that you may want to do some side trips or go for extra days down the road. Clearly, we won’t let a low gas line prevent you from enjoying your day. With so many auto repairs shops and gas stations across United States that are already affiliated with us, we can definitely help you continue your journey.

Does Extended Warranty cover everything?

​The quick answer is no. It only covers mechanical damages and does not include collision coverage. The latter can be acquired through car insurance. This alludes to harm caused to a covered piece of your RV by a section that isn’t covered. For instance, an un-shrouded gasket blows and annihilates your transmission. Regardless of whether the transmission was covered, your case won’t be included in the coverage if you haven’t included such damage from the very beginning.