RV Extended Warranty

Buying RV Extended Warranty

So, you want to buy a recreational vehicle? Just as buying a car, there are many things to consider when buying an RV. This includes price, model, make, condition, and many more. The most important thing is that you make sure you get your money’s worth. ​ Today on the blog, we will discuss some tips on how you can get the best RV for your adventure. Of course, you should also look into some RV extended warranty plans to secure some repair costs later on.

Know what type of RV You’re in the Market For

There are at least nine different classifications of RVs in the world. When deciding to buy an RV, you must start with the type of RV you want. ​

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Do you need a Class A, Class C, or Class AD? YOu can also have a pop-up trailer or a travel trailer. Next, you can decide what you need it for.  If you need for travel and adventure, then you must consider the amount of space you need. How many people are you traveling?  If you got some companies, you may need a bigger van to accommodate everyone.
 You also need to consider certain floor plans, appliances, and whether or not the RV will fit your travel plans. 

Know what the RV is worth

Just like buying a car, you need to consider whether the RV you’re buying fits your budget. Brand new RVs are seriously expensive but if you have the money, then why not. However, if you want to money-wise and use your cash for adventure instead, you can buy a second-hand RV.


Take note that once the RV leaves the dealership’s premises, it’s never going to increase its value ever again. An RV depreciates in value overtime. That means, you may still find similar models at a more affordable price at the dealership than in brand new RV companies.

The following are some ways you can find a good RV.

  • Car trading – you can find RVs that are still in good conditions in car trading. If you are smart in finding a good deal, you could find a well-conditioned RV at a fraction of a cost than a brand new one.
  • Newspaper – Keep an eye on local newspapers for adverts. New RV for sale and rentals would pop up every day.
  • Street – If you are an avid driver, you can spot cars parked up with a “For Sale” sign.
  • Care fair – Check if there are any car fairs in your location.  You should be able to see what you are looking for here. Most of all, RV in car fairs are usually upgraded, which is fairly impressive.

Smart Investment Without Lump Sum Payment

Getting an extend warranty for your RV only requires a monthly payment instead of a huge up-front cost. The cost is less expensive than typical insurance coverage. The best thing about it is that, it is transferable to the new owner. That means, if you have an RV and you have an extended warranty, it automatically transfers to the next owner.  Consequently, the value of your RV will also increase.

Carefully Check your RV

Go over every inch of the RV for potential problems. You don’t want to regret it later if you experience technical or engine failure. See for yourself bathroom fixtures, cabinets, plumbing, and floorings.  You should also test drive the RV and check for signs of even more serious issues. The following are some other things that you should look out for when checking your RV.


Since you will be staying in your RV most of the times, you should watch for molds. Molds are indicative of issues beneath the surface. Even if there no visible sign of water damage, such as in the floor or ceiling, mold can still get into the RV. So, try to look up and down the walls. Check the corners for molds. A caulk in the bathroom fixtures should also be checked.
Worse cases of molds coming to your AC unit and air vents can cause serious health problems. Don’t let a single sign of mold destroy your most wonderful moments. Exercise diligence in checking your RV before anything goes wrong in your journey.

Floor Damage

It might be hard to see the underlying damage if the water is seeped through the floor lining. Don’t be afraid to stomp your feet on the parts of the floor where water usually goes, such as in the kitchen or dining. The floor should feel sturdy and strong. If the floor feels soggy, it is a sign that something could be wrong on the floor.

Exterior Damage

Check the exterior panels to see some signs of corrosion. You can give the walls a little push. Everything should feel sturdy. You can tell whether the RV is newly painted or not. If it has been painted anew, try to ask the seller what the previous issues with the RV were.

Check the Tire

Of course, the most important parts of your RV are the tires. A tire blowout is even more catastrophic than any other damage. You don’t want to make a sudden stop in the middle of nowhere just because your tires have blown. In this case, make sure you have checked your car’s tires.

Finally, be careful of scams. If you are buying your RV from online sellers, you shouldn’t send out money before you see the van. Scammers linger everywhere.

When you have decided for your RV, don’t forget to get an RV extended warranty plan. An RV extended warranty plan provides for an extended service after your original warranty is over. This will help you with the repair cost for unplanned bumps on the road. Moreover, it is an economical solution to ensure you are ensured and covered during your long trips.