Beginner's RV Guide

5 Quick RV Tips for Beginners

Going on RV adventure for the first time? Here are some tips you can by to ensure you have a smooth and inspirating RV travel in your lifetime. Knowing a thing or two about RV campiing can help you get rid of unexpected challenges along your journey.  Get the ball rolling!

First of all, learn the different types of RVs and their advantages. there are various types of RVs that you can take for an RV camping. The reason why you need to know the different RVs is that camping sites normally will ask a lot of about your RV and may use a lot of RV lingos, including specs and mechanical composition. If you’re not familiar with your RV, you may find it hard to look for a place.

Learn The Different Types of RVs

Another first-time RVing shock we experienced was parking down stopping! This might be the most unpleasant part about your RV excursion.

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Know How and Where to Park?

When stopping by malls, you may need to find two parking spots for your RV considering the size.  This could become a problem for small supermarkets where the parking lot is smaller compared with malls.  Sometimes, you may want to run a quick restaurant stops and drive-thus but it’s not always feasible.



Confirm How Much Your Vehicle Can Tow

One of the biggest RVing mistakes that many people make is realizing how little an SUV could tow! If you have big RV dreams and have to scale down to a lightweight pop-up camper to make RVing more accessible for you then Subaru Forester’s sad towing capacity, which is around 2,400 lbs.

Before picking an RV, confirm the towing capacity so you can’t be limited later on. Include your own gear calculations and tents, that you may have to carry.

Map Out a Realistic RVing Budget

​RVing may cut hotel and flight expenses, but it also adds on new ones! It may take around $1,000-3,000 per month on expenses for your first RV experience. Staying longer on campsites and doing a lot of heat-out can cause the budget to spike around $4,000-8,000 monthly, so you need to be ready.

Always plan before your trip

​Contingent upon your RV of decision, your RV setting up camp requirements will contrast. While most RV destinations will offer conveniences like electric snare ups, you might require other camping area conveniences as well. What I’ve discovered during my time RVing is to PLAN AHEAD.