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 If you have just purchased an RV, you may hear the word “roadside assistance” a lot. If you haven’t got an RV extended warranty yet, maybe it is also time to consider you have one.

So, what is a roadside assistance? Roadside assistance is a type of coverage that often comes with your extended warranty.  It provides coverage for the most common roadside services. What does your roadside assistance service include?

Whenever you’re abandoned somewhere in the middle of the road, an emergency assistance program will associate you with an accredited repair company – whether you really want minor fixes, fuel or something different.

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  • Whenever you’re abandoned somwhere in the middle of the road, an emergency assistance program will associate you with an accredited repair company – whether you really want minor fixes, fuel or something different.
  • Towing companies  will take your vehicle to the closest technician up to a predefined distance. Assuming you want your vehicle towed past that breaking point, the supplier will charge you for the overage.
  • Battery jumpstart specialist organizations will restart your battery in the event that it’s dead.
  • Punctured tire administration experts will replace your punctured tire with the extra tire you bring. Take note that the warranty only applies to your RV. So if you are bringing a bike and your bike tire suddenly blows, it won’t be covered.
  • Lockout assistance and lock specialist will assist you with getting into your vehicle assuming that you’re locked out. But there’s a contrast between the two. Lockout specialist will attempt to open the vehicle entryway utilizing a siphon wedge. If the technique don’t work, the supplier will call a locksmith. This is a common scenario for RVers. Especially if you go by group and one or two of you forgets the lock key inside the van.
  • Fuel-delivery specialists will convey sufficient fuel to get you to the closest gas station. Assuming that the contractor charges for this independently, they’ll utilize the local pump price.  Imagine driving your RV and you suddenly finds out that you’re running out of fuel.  However, the next gas station is still very far from your location. In this case, you can make use of the fuel delivery service that usually comes with your extended warranty plan to deliver you fuel.
  • Removal or winching assistance involves removing a vehicle in case it is stuck. You might have to pay extra assuming it takes more people to help the truck. A common scenario is that when your RV suddenly gets stuck in a canal. Or when your RV can’t move at all after falling into the mud.