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Buying An RV

Shopping for a new RV can be quite daunting. There are many factors that you have to consider in order for you to steer clear of troubles.

  • The smell of moth balls. Often used as insect repellent, moth balls is a sign of previous rat infestation. The aroma can likewise remain in the RV for quite a while. However, although it smells good, it should create a red flag on your end. 
  • Dryer sheets all over. Individuals use dryer sheets to avoid rodents also. This could be one more sign that have been mice in the RV.
  • Mouse dung. In case you have seen some rat droppings in the couch, bed, cabinets, or even in the walls, try to reconsider buying that RV.  This can prompt costly, tedious, and undesirable work for you.

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Other red flags to look for when it comes to rats in RV’s:

Foul smell everwhere

Be cautious of unusual smells like burns and smell of dead rodents.  One of the worst place to live is somewhere with a dead mouse. And since you’re traveling, you would not feel very comfortable and your journey will be worst.

Hence, make sure you have a good sense of smell. The RV should smell nice and clean.  Remember, this will be your home for a few days or even more. Aim for a comfortable travel.


Rub marks or scratches

Look for rub marks, especially along the floors and walls.  These are caused by rodent hairs and should signal you that the campervan have been previously infested by rodents. You won’t like buying  campervans that have been previously infested by rodents becuase it will create undesirable work for you in the future.

 Hidden home and marks under the nests

Look under couches, seats, and sinks. Sometimes, you can find them in the closets, dressers, and under the hood. You have to carefully check the RV before taking it out. Your RV will be your home for a couple of months. Hence, you need to make sure, it’s going to smell good and feel good.

Chewed through the wire and additionally different materials

Look for bit marks among wooden installations inside the RV. Rats could have bitten the feet of the bed, cabinets, and even the cushions which is why the RV is sold at an overly generous price. Also, examine wires if they’ve bitten by rats. This could create electrical problems later on and might even endanger yourlife.