RV Trips: Mistakes To Avoid

RV Trip Mistakes To Avoid

 Going for an RV camping trip for the first time? Going for an RV trip is always fun and exciting. When you’re prepared, there’s no need for you cram or rush.

Knowing the most common RV road trip mistakes will help you avoid odd situations like coming unprepared or getting lost in the middle of nowhere. We have prepared five most common mistakes that you need to avoid during your trip.

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1. Not Choosing the Right Type of RV

There are a lot of choices with regards to RV, from conventional Class A RVs to camper vans and travel trailers. Contingent upon the quantity of individuals you’ll go with, as well as the conveniences you’re searching for (like a kitchen and restroom), and how far you’ll travel, investigating various sorts of RVs’ significant.

So, if you’re still at the shopping stage make sure to get to know your RV very well. There are regular RVs, Motohomes (which are apparently bigger), and campervans.

Your choice of RV will affect  your RV extended warranty and also your whole experience. If you’re not sure about your choice, you can always talk to us to have guidance.

2. Not Planning Your Route in Advance

Your RV excursion will be considerably more pleasant if you have planned ahead. Planning at least one month before the big day is crucial. Think about where you will camp and park. Create a budget and divide your food wisely. Plan out your meal to ensure you have food before your next stop.  Take note of some roadside attractions during trip

3. Not Making Reservations on the Target Location

When you realize where you’re going, now is the ideal time to reserve a spot. In the event that you’re intending to visit a portion of the country’s most well-known public parks, you’ll need to make camping area appointments whenever the situation allows. 

4. Not Considering Your RV’s Size Limitations

It’s likewise essential to consider the impediments you could experience with each kind of vehicle. A major challenge of many RVers is the size of their vans.  Since campervans are bigger, drivers need to find 2 parking spaces when they drop by a mall. Now that you know the size of your RV, it’s important to find a space in advance. So, when you need to shop for grocery, you already know which mall to stop by. 

5. Neglecting to Download Maps Before Your Trip

While a GPS is very usefula in giving you directions, it is still important to have a map to manually guide your whole trip. There might be some spots on your trip that do not have a signal. In this case, don’t panic. Just grab your map  and check your route. Again, you should have made some markings ahead of time already. The bottomline is always to be prepared.

6. Not Adhering to Campground Rules and Etiquette

While parking at a camping area, remember that the campground is also other people’s home. So try to respect it as much as you can. Don’t litter. Follow safety rules.  Another piece of advice is to never leave food outside of the RV as they could rot. Throw them at proper designated areas.