What is an Open Road Policy?

Keeping your RV in working condition is not an easy task. You need to be part auto mechanic, part plumber, and part electrician to complete all the repairs yourself. But even if you have the skills, you can’t possibly bring all the tools to these things, right? What if we can tell you that there’s a service contract that can give you access to mechanical repairs and road rescue during your RV camping.
This is where the open road policy comes in! An open road policy is a kind of RV extended warranty service that lets you have the best coverage at a valuable price. The following are some of the coverages you can get with the open road policy.

The following are just a few examples of what you can get from the Open Road Policy.

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We provide assistance or mechanical repairs in case your generator encounters issues. We understand that generators are important for RVers to ensure that the whole trailer is lighted through the night. Generators are also crucial for electric machineries and equipment like your oven toasters, microwave ovens, coffee makers, and even refrigerators.

Air Conditioner and Heating Coverage

What happens when your air conditioner or heating system suddenly stops? It doesn’t only ruin your day but might ruin your entire RV adventure. 

Without a cooling & heating unit, you won’t be able to enjoy your journey. Hence, our open road policy includes repair and maintenance for air conditioning and heating units.

Mechanical Break Coverage

Mechanical breakdown covers major failures that can occur in your RV. If your RV dealer does include then you should question it. It also includes repairs and rescue for bad brakes, transmission issues, & electrical system and other major vehicles system malfunction.

Fuel Delivery Coverage

One of the major advantages of having an RV extended warranty is the fuel delivery system coverage. That means if you happen to not have enough fuel to continue your journey and there’s no gas station available nearby, we can deliver you fuel. This happens a lot for many RVers. Sometimes, when you enjoy your travel, it’s normal to forget to look at the fuel tank measure.

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