RV Features To Look For

5 Vital RV Features

Having essential items in your RV before traveling is crucial for a successful and stress-free trip. This includes items such as a first-aid kit, fire extinguisher, maps and navigation tools, spare tire and jack, camping gear, and personal items like clothing and toiletries. Additionally, make sure you have all necessary documents like registration, insurance, and emergency contact information readily accessible. Having these essential items on hand can help ensure a comfortable and safe trip, allowing you to focus on enjoying your time on the road.

Committed beds

And consistently made genuine bed. For our situation. We like the twin beds on our RV. They have an end table between them that can be changed over into an establishment that will permit the beddings to be fitted close to one another one next to the other in a close Queen-sized bed. These are genuine beds, with beddings, rather than couch pads that are found on numerous little RVs.

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A Dry Shower

By this, we mean an independent shower slow down. Many of the more modest RVs we’ve recently claimed have wet showers or showers that are essential for the restroom and latrine region. Indeed, even with a shower shade, those regions get wet everywhere – that is the reason they call them a wet shower. A dry shower region is a non-debatable must-have for us.


Instant Hot Water

Look for a hot shower that will give you hot water. Turn it on and the water is immediately hot. For the shower, there’s no squandering water as you hang tight for it to get warm. For washing and flushing dishes and cleaning up it’s an awesome comfort, an extravagance. The boiling water is moment, consistent and unending assuming you are connected to city water. When boondocking and utilizing our new water tanks, it permits substantially more effective showers, extending your freshwater supply significantly longer than when we needed to trust that the water will heat up.

Separate sleeping quarters

We have a dozing region for the beds and a living region close to the cook room that serves as a work area/office. What’s more, the plan of our present RV permits the entryway of the shower to have the option to open across the corridor, genuinely partitioning those two regions into independent rooms. The past model we had, a Unity FX from LTV, has a front parlor and a back relax which additionally gave us two unmistakable regions to fan out in.

Heated, lithium batteries

Once you depend on lithium batteries for your RV, you won’t ever return to standard lead corrosive or AGM batteries. The more the better, particularly on the off chance that you like boondocking. On our present RV and our past one, we had two 100-amp lithium batteries. Those have given all the boondocking power we need. Our present Battleborn lithium batteries were introduced at the manufacturing plant with radiators, keeping them warm and working effectively even in frosty climate.