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We are a reliable RV extended warranty company you can trust. As an RV dealer and an insurance provider, we use our extensive knowledge about the RV sales process to efficiently offer helpful guidance regarding RV ownership or walk you through the process of having an extended warranty.

We are the sole provider of Open Road policies for Diesel motorhomes. This service contract is a popular option for RV owners who want to get the best coverage at a great price point.

We also have four other different coverage such as Powertrain, Protector 1, Protector II, and Diesel Wrap Protection.  Our goal is to preserve this feeling of content and happiness as you travel with your RV.  In most cases, manufacturer’s warranty is not robust enough to cover all of the coach and chassis of your RV. Feel free to contact us today so we can discuss the best coverage you can have based on your RV.


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Why Choose Us?

We are one of the most trusted RV extended warranty companies in the United States.  Our background in RV dealership helps us to provide better guidance to our clients and advise them of the best policy they can get.
Our Open Road and XtraRide policies can give you access to licensed facilities in the United States and Canada. Both policies offer roadside assistance perks so when your RV suddenly stops in the middle of nowhere due to mechanical breakdown, you know you’re still safe. Let’s discuss your needs and we will give you a hassle-free, obligation-free estimates. 

Drop us a call and we will personally cater to your concerns.