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Best RV Extended Warranty in America

Get the best RV extended warranty for your vehicle today! When your RV breaks down, it’s hard to seek for help when you are not familiar with the area. That can be compounded if you do not have the stash of cash to have repaired instantly.  

Here’s the problem – your RV insurance do not usually cover mechanical damage such as breaking air conditioning unit or a damaged gas stove.  A low end RV gas stove cost around $75 when repaired. High-end gas stove can cost around $150-$160. Without an RV extended warranty, you would have to shoulder the cost. 

When you have a comprehensive RV extended warranty, you will get protection over this type of unexpected damage.  We can cover the repair cost and even replacement of your mechanical items in your RV.  The best RV extended warranty offers the best protection avid RVers. Don’t go down that road without a coverage. Get a plan to ensure you have financial coverage in case of unexpected repair needs for your mechanical components, including fresh water systems and air conditioners. Don’t let mishaps ruin your adventure. Get an RV extended warranty to answer unexpected repair requirements. 

We offer RV protection for the following vehicles:

  • Motorhomes: Class A, Class B, & Class C
  • Travel Trailers
  • Fifth Wheels
  • Toy Haulers
  • New RVs or Used RVs

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No Brokers
We work closely together with the best companies to ensure claims are processed faster.

Transferable Coverage

If you decide to sell your RV, you can use your RV extended warranty to increase the sale value of your vehicle.

Repairs Anywhere

Use our coverage at any licensed repair facility wherever you are in the country.

Dedicated Account Managers

We help you save time by making sure you have a dedicated point-of-contact, who will assist you in case of emergency.

Retail New Parts Coverage

We offer coverage to pay for new retail parts so you won’t have to wait for the used parts to arrive to get your RV fixed.

No Inspection Required

Other companies will charge you for a third-party inspector to inspect your car and use it against you by the time you submit for a claim.


A Plan That Fits Every RV

Don’t waste your money for an RV extended warranty plan that won’t give you enough coverage. Policies are available for new and used RVs, while terms and lengths can be up to 7 years. Depending on the age and mileage of your RV, you can get a plan that fits your budget and needs. Do not hesiate to hit the call button to reach out to us.


Fifth Wheel Extended Warranty

Fifth wheel campers are popular choices for travelers of all kinds, especially for families because it has a larger space compared with other kinds of RVs.  It is called fifth wheel because it is pulled behind a truck and attached to the truck via a hitch mounted in the center of the truck bed.

We offer two different levels of fifth-wheel RV coverage and a wide selection of optional add-ons that will suit your needs. The Total Coverage is a list of major systems and appliances that can be covered under the warranty. Complete Covered is an exclusionary policy  that includes all systems and appliances.  It also covers other issues that is not covered under the Total Coverage Plan. Feel fee to contact us if you need more guidance. 

Motorhome Extended Warranty

We offfer coverage for Class A, B, and C motorhomes. Enjoy tailored extended warranty plans at a great price. We will show how you can save as much as 60% off that you could have spent from other plans.

Class A – This class includes RVs that are up to 75 feet long such as luxury coaches, converted buses, motor coaches.

Class B – This is the smallest class of RVs and usually don’t have a cab-over.  It also includes cargo van types of designs.

Class C– This group includes RVs that utilize a standard cargo van as the driving portion of the RV while the caper extends of the cab area. It includes fifth wheel RVs. 

Our Fifth Wheel Extended RV Warranty Coverage

 Total Coverage

  • Suspension Components
  • Brake components
  • Freshwater/Waste Water System
  • Kitchen components
  • Roof/Basement Air Conditioning
  • Heat System
  • LP Gas System
  • Generator/Power Plant
  • Deluxe Appliance Components
  • Entertainment Components
  • Hi-tech Components
  • Interior and Exterior

Complete Coverage

  • Fresh/Waste Water System
  • Heating System
  • Deluxe Appliance Components
  • Interior & Exterior
  • Slide-Out Room Components
  • Kitchen Center Components
  • LP Gas System
  • Hi-Tech
  • Components
  • Leveling System Components
  • Power Step Components
  • Roof/Basement Air Conditionin

Optional Coverage

  • Power Surge
  • Commercial Use Coverage
  • Consequential Loss Coverage

If you need more information about the different coverage the we offer, feel free to contact our team. We have fun and approachable customer care representatives that you can trust.


Need Extra Coverage?

Whether you need extended warranty coverage for your appliances or the mechanical components of your car, including power surge, roadside assistance, or consequential loss, we’ve got you covered! Get in touch with us today to get a free quote. Our customer representatives will shortly be with you. No obligations. Free estimates. 

Why You Should Buy RV Extended Warranty?

 It’s always Saves you from unexpected troubles
Imagine when your RV breaks down in the middle of your trip and you have no coverage. It would be very difficult to keep in touch with a licensed repair shop to fix your engine or at least give you a tow. Don’t let mishaps ruin your trip.  Buying coverage for your RV is as good as taking care of your vehicle.

Saves you money
You should be spending your cash on souvenirs, food, and other things in life when you are in a vacation. But without an extended warranty, you could lose your entire vacation budget in the costly repair. It’s always better to be more prepared than to be caught off-guard with unexpected situations while you are on the road. If you need anything, feel free to contact us today.

Gives you a piece of mind
Pop-up or RV camping is the most economical way to see a lot of places. When you’re tired, you can just pull your RV over and take a rest. You get a comfortable mattress to sleep on. With an RV extended warranty, you can enjoy your free time enjoying the place instead of worrying about the cost in case your RV breaks down.

Prepares you on the road and beyond
What is more comforting than knowing you are safe as you go.  Having an RV extended warranty help you become prepared of whatever may happen when you take on your adventure. It helps from the smallest thing such as when your kettle breaks or when your tire blows out. Without it, you could lose time, money, or worse suffer in anxiety when something in your car is damaged. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need an RV extended warranty?
The quick answer is yes. An extended warranty for RVs is vital for your vehicle protection because it covers repairs that insurance don’t. Our warranties offer peace of mind by covering costly mechanical repairs.

How often do RVs breakdown?
How often your RV breakdown depends on various factors like the age, model, frequency of maintenance of your RV. Generally, RVs experience breakdowns after 2 years of use.

Why choose America’s Best RV Extended Warranty?

  1. We partner with our plan administrator and work closely with our client to ensure that they receive the coverage quickly, conveniently, and effective.
  2. We have several accredited repair shops all over the USA. We also don’t require RV inspection to begin the coverage. 
  3. We provide dedicated account managers who will personally take care of your concerns when you make claims.  

Can I hire my own mechanic and have repair cost reimbursed?
While most companies only allow you to hire an accredited mechanic to repair your RV, with us you have the option to use your own mechanic.  Mobile mechanics usually have a service fee. Our coverage includes $500 reasonable service fee for a given issue.

Are your warranties fully insured?
Yes. Our warranty company is backed by an A-rated insurance company. Be careful of warranty companies that offer coverage backed with risk retention groups so they can easily go out of business and leave you without coverage.

Why is it called an extended warranty?

It’s called extended warranty because it lasts for much longer than a manufacturer’s warranty.  A warranty for brand new cars usually last from 2-5 years. If your vehicle suffers from mechanical damage within these years, you may claim your coverage from the warranty company for free. Thereafter, mechanical repairs won’t be covered anymore.  If you’re on an RV trip most of the time, you will need an extended warranty to avoid shouldering all the cost of repairs whenever your RV suddenly breaks down.

How is an extended warranty different from RV insurance?

A warranty and RV insurance policy cover different issues. In layman’s terms, insurance covers car collisions while extended warranty cover repair cost or service plan in case your RV suffers from mechanical damage. If you have an extended warranty, you won’t have to face unexpected financial problems during your travel.

Is there a need to sign up for a new warranty if you already have an extended warranty?

You might need coverage earlier than you think.  Manufacturer’s warranties cover different items for different lengths of time. So, you might need to review your coverage. When you purchase coverage while your manufacturer’s warranty is still in effect, you can lock in a better rate. Look into some items that are not covered yet. In any case, you can always call us for guidance.

 Does your extended warranty include benefits in addition to the coverage?

Yes. Each warranty plan comes with a number of different benefits for your RV, include roadside assistance, towing, ad other travel expense reimbursement. Consequently, if your current warranty does not cover roadside assistance, you get an extended warranty to cover it. In times when you need a roadside assistance, you can get it covered under your extended warranty.

Does extended warranty cover full time use?
Yes. We also cover full time RVers. Whether you’re just trying out RV living or you’re fully committed to it, we’ve got solutions for you. Check our options by calling us or sending us an inquiry via the contact form on the side.

Can you tell me more about an exclusionary policy?
While the mention of exclusion might sound worrisome, exclusionary policies are actually the most complete form of extended RV coverage.  The term “exclusionary” refers to the plan of coverage in which all the items that are not included in the extended warranty list are covered. It is more comprehensive compared to the inclusionary policy.

What are the steps in filing an extended RV Warranty Claim?
All you need to do is go to our accredited repair shop and mentioned that you have extended RV warranty coverage with us. You can also show the certificate of coverage as proof then you can get repairs for free.  If you need more guidance in filing a claim, feel free to call us today.

What if I have a breakdown after regular business hours?
We provide emergency roadside assistance after regular business hours. Feel free to call our 24/7 customer care representative. They will also help you submit a claim online.

Do I have to pay for the repair and ask for reimbursement later?
No. You don’t have to spend money from your pocket to cover the cost of repairs for your vehicle. We pay the repair companies directly for covered repairs.

How do you charge the deductible?
The deductible is charge per claim instead of per item. So, if you visit to the repair facilities and you need a covered item repaired, that’s when we charge the deductible.

Do you have a towing service in case my RV suffers flat tire or suddenly have a broken engine?
Yes! We have 24/7 emergency service that allows for RV towing. In case your RV breaks down the road, we will have a towing service to bring your RV to the nearest RV repair center.  

Do you cover routine maintenance?
No. Our extended RV warranty does not cover for routine maintenance. Extended RV warranties are meant to cover unexpected repairs. Preventing these issues to happen is the RV owner’s responsibility. If you have more questions about extended RV warranty coverage, feel free to call us. 

The cost of repairs is increasing every year. Owners of motorhomes, travel, trailers, and 5th wheels must get an RV extended warranty today.

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