Waxing Your RV

How To Wax Your RV

1. Preserve Your RV’s Exterior for Warranty Eligibility: Regularly waxing your RV’s exterior is crucial to maintaining its appearance and protecting it from the elements. This preservation of your RV’s condition is vital for warranty eligibility. An extended RV warranty typically requires that your RV is in good condition, and exterior damage could void your warranty. Waxing not only keeps your RV looking pristine but also safeguards it against potential damage from UV rays, weather, and road debris, ensuring your warranty remains valid.

2. Enhance Resale Value for Extended Warranty Transfer: Many RV warranties are transferable to new owners if you decide to sell your RV. By regularly waxing your RV, you help maintain its resale value, making it a more attractive option for potential buyers. A well-preserved exterior can increase the likelihood of successfully transferring your extended warranty to the new owner, providing added value to both you and the buyer.

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3. Prevent Oxidation and Delamination: Waxing creates a protective barrier on your RV’s exterior, preventing oxidation and delamination. Oxidation can cause the fiberglass or gel coat to fade and become chalky, potentially leading to costly repairs that might not be covered by your warranty. Delamination occurs when the layers of an RV’s sidewall separate, often due to water intrusion. Properly waxing your RV can help mitigate these risks, ensuring your warranty remains intact. 

4. Shield Against Water Damage: Water damage is a common concern for RV owners, and it can lead to structural issues that may not be covered by your warranty. A high-quality RV wax provides a water-repellent surface, preventing water from seeping into seams, joints, or cracks. This added protection reduces the risk of water-related damage and the potential for warranty disputes.



5. Maintain Overall RV Appearance: The appearance of your RV plays a role in warranty coverage. Regular waxing not only protects the exterior but also helps maintain a clean and well-maintained appearance inside and out. A well-kept RV demonstrates your commitment to responsible ownership and proper maintenance, factors that can positively influence warranty claims and approvals, should issues arise.