5 Signs a Diesel Pusher is Right for You

You’re Looking for Longevity/Durability

Diesel motors are dependable fundamentally longer than their gas-powered counterparts. This is because a diesel motor has higher pressure proportions (and consequently a thicker, sturdier motor square), a more effective consume rate, and greasing up properties that generally have succeeded  in enhancing their durability.

​Consequently (and others), diesel motors have for quite some time been utilized in hard core truck applications too. It’s not inconceivable for diesel motors to keep working with 100s of thousands of miles on them!

You Plan to Be Full-Time RVers

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You Enjoy High-End Features and a Finely Appointed Home

​Alongside the more prominent cost comes an exceptionally rich RV. Class A diesel pushers often offer the best the RV business brings to the table. From machines like washers and dryers, dishwashers, and private fridges, to top of the line strong wood cabinetry, strong surface or even stone ledges, tile (frequently HEATED) deck, installations, and furniture, diesel pushers are typically swimming in extravagance.

You Appreciate a Powerful and Well-Built RV

​In the event that you value rock solid power in a very much assembled RV, you’d cherish a diesel pusher.

We’re not proposing that internal combustion RVs need power. As a matter of fact, they can be adequately strong, however another way than diesel-controlled RVs.

The powertrain of our diesel pusher has a 8.9-liter 400HP Cummins ISL motor matched with an Allison 3000MH 6-speed transmission. The motor’s 1,200 lb-ft of force pulls like a group of draft ponies, holds a fair accelerate long steep levels, and will voyage effectively at expressway speeds for immense distances.

You Want Lots of Space

​Since a diesel pusher can deal with more weight, these RVs will quite often have fundamentally more inside living space and extra room.